Patrick Fink pushes eighty-eight black and white buttons in a multitude of professional settings. He holds a degree in jazz piano from Temple University and is classically trained as well. 

Notable highlights of collaborative piano experience include the Vivaldi Gloria, the Fauré Requiem, Mozart’s Coronation Mass, Paulus’ A Dream of Time, and accompanying choral festivals in NYC and Princeton. With the Perspective Collective, Patrick premiered Mike Leibowitz and Jeremy Bassecu’s one-act opera For Love of Country at the 2019 Asheville Fringe Festival. He’s also toured with choirs in the US and Europe. Exploring the timbre of a Rhodes electric piano, Patrick recorded Debussy’s Ariettes Oubliées with soprano Diana Corliss (2015). 

Patrick regularly brings a mixture of artistically fulfilling and day-to-day repertoire to his current teacher, Tom Lawton. He works as a pianist at Rider University and Rancocas Valley Regional High School and teaches piano at the Lawrenceville and Pennington schools. Patrick is from Pittsburgh and currently calls Philadelphia home. He also writes about music for Actual Proof.